My money?

My tsunachi!

There is a saying'My Donnaesan'.

It is short for'Give me my money and buy me.'

This phrase is used a lot when writing product reviews.

It is mainly used to emphasize the honesty of the author.

The post I wrote is that I didn't get paid for advertising from a company.

So what about garbage?

Garbage is also'natsunachi'.

There is a principle of'my trash, I take it away'.

Disposal costs are incurred when garbage is generated.

If I generate garbage, I deserve to pay for the disposal.

So we pay and put the trash in the pay-as-you-go bags.

And with the taxes we paid, local governments operate related facilities such as landfills and incineration plants.

The same goes for illegal dumped waste.

If someone sneaks up the waste, it's natural to find him out, punish him, and pay for disposal.

However, there is an absurd thing that is happening, with the ones who have abandoned them and the ones who need to be removed.

Let me introduce an example of a

13,000 ton waste'bomb' that

occurred in 2016 after

leasing land


Mr. Kim Hyung-ju co-owns the land in Paju with his family.

The land is classified as a'hybrid land', so its utilization value is low.

The location is a secluded countryside with a low floating population.

An exporter approached the Kim family.

I'm in an export business, and I asked for a lease because I needed land to store things for a while.

The Kim family rented the land without any doubt.

Three months later, an urgent call came from the head of the village.

It is said that the lent land has become a world of waste.

Kim's family did not live near the land they lent at the time.

Because of this, I haven't been here often.

He just thought that the tenant would be using it well.

The Kim family visited the site in October 2016, but it is already too late.

It was filled with various kinds of waste at a height of 5 m.

● Illegal dumping of waste moving as a'divination organization'

This is not the first time such damage has occurred

per day


Damage has already been reported across the country for several years.

The trick is the same.

The'illegal speculation' daily wage is operated as a branch organization.

These daily wages take over the waste from the waste disposal company.

And they are recruiting carriers to move the waste to other places.

At the same time, we look for places to dump waste.

It is mainly aimed at the land of a farming and fishing village where people are rare.

And he hires a barge boss who will only lend his name.

The bargeman approaches the landlord and signs a lease.

They install barriers in the land when the lease is signed.

It makes it impossible to see from outside what you are doing inside.

Then, they usually bring waste to the dump truck at dawn.

If caught by the landowner, the waste disposal contractor, hauler, etc. will remain in hiding.

Even if the landlord catches the barge, who is the party to the contract, nothing can be solved right away.

If the landlord reports them, they could be punished for violating waste management laws.

But handling waste is a separate matter.

● Land owner, at risk of handling 3 billion won for disposal The

land owner is said to have sighed at first when several people, including a barge manager, a transporter, and a handler were caught.

It is said that because they caught the person who abandoned it, they thought they would get rid of it again.

However, the waste they discarded has been left unattended for more than four years.

When I made an estimate of what the processing cost would be, it was over 3 billion won.

There are only 13 people convicted of dumping waste on the Kim family's land.

It is estimated that there are 5 waste disposal companies that have handed the waste to them.

The court was convicted. Why should the victims, Kim's family, bear the cost of waste disposal?

● Paju City "Land owner, put away all waste"

Kim's family received a call from Paju City.

I have been told to remove all waste.

The Kim family immediately protested.

This is because there is a person who abandoned it.

If Kim's family wants to clean it up, it will need at least 3 billion won.

● Catching people 〈Waste Management Act Article 48, Clause 1, No. 9〉

Paju City's administrative order is not legally problematic.

This is because Article 48, Clause 1, No. 9 of the Waste Management Act.

No. 9 states that local governments can also issue orders to dispose of waste to'land owners'.

Land owners can be subject to disposal orders whether or not they are attributable to'unsuitable waste'.

● Why did Paju order the landowners?

Article 48, paragraphs 1 through 8 of the Waste Management Act states that it is possible to issue orders for action even to persons who have discarded or transported waste.

However, based on No. 9, Paju ordered the landlord to take action.

Because it's easiest to give the landowner an order of action.

The gang who dumped the waste illegally were either living in jail or in hiding.

Even if the address is known and contacted, it is unlikely that the waste will be disposed of.

And the waste that was thrown away was a result of several companies involved.

So it's also ambiguous to order one company to dispose of all the waste.

It doesn't mean that Paju City hasn't tried to hold illegal speculators accountable.

Some companies involved in illegal dumping have also been ordered to take action.

However, as expected, they have no ability to handle, and most of them are unwilling to handle.

In the end, the municipality chooses the easiest landowner.

Waste disposal measures are ordered against the landowner, and if not, an administrative agency is executed.

After cleaning up the waste with the local government's budget, we claim the right to remedy the landowner.

You can even seize property later.

● President Moon "Dispose of illegal waste within the year"…

'Garbage Mountain' in Uiseong, Gyeongbuk, one of the sites of illegal dumping of waste

from the Ministry of Environment, which fell on its feet,

has begun to attract media attention.

President Moon Jae-in also instructed in April 2019 to dispose of all illegal waste accumulated across the country within the year.

The Ministry of Environment has speeded up waste disposal according to presidential directives.

Each municipality was asked to dispose of the waste in the building as soon as possible.

The Ministry of Environment confirmed that there were 120.3 million tons of illegal waste left in the country as a result of a total survey in February 2019.

The Ministry of Environment says it has processed 113.9 million tons of these.

Separately, an additional 431,000 tons were generated after the total survey, and 18.70 thousand tons were treated.

● Shadow of illegal waste disposal performance…

As of November last year, 13.26 million tons of

treatment costs passed on to victims

were removed, and about 290,000 tons remain.

It can be said that it has paid off.

But who put it away?

Was it all the people who discarded it?

Some of these were removed by victims, landowners.

In some cases, local governments are getting rid of the budget, and the landlord is about to claim the right to remedy.

Some landowners took their lives as soon as they had billions of dollars in debt.

● "Let's revise Article 48 of the

Waste Management Act

" There

is a voice calling for the revision of Article 48 of the Waste Management Act, Clause 1, No. 9.

It's about doing something that can order the landlord to do it.

For this purpose, the National Assembly proposed a bill to partially amend the Waste Management Act (representatively initiated by Representative Seo Beom-soo).

However, it is suggested to include the phrase'except when there is no reason attributable to the land owner for the occurrence of improper disposal waste as prescribed by Presidential Decree, such as when the land is used differently from the intended use of the land'.

Kim's family once incorrectly rented the land and were caught in all kinds of lawsuits.

We are now proceeding with civil lawsuits against those who discarded the waste.

The Kim family also applied for suspension of execution against Paju City, who said they would execute administrative proxy, and the court cited it.

It is time for all of us to pay attention so that there will be no unjust damage like the Kim family again.