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was confirmed that soil and groundwater pollution was severe at the Daegu Camp Walker site, one of the 12 US military bases scheduled to be returned.

When we obtained the government environmental evaluation report, we found not only carcinogens that exceeded the standard by 10 times, but also defoliant ingredients.

This is the exclusive report by TBC reporter Park Jung.

<Reporter> This is the

Daegu Campwalker Heliport.

Including the heliport, the area of ​​the site that was decided to be returned to Daegu City is 66,000 square meters.

When looking at the environmental evaluation report of the return site, which was obtained by the reporter alone, it was confirmed that a large amount of toxic substances, such as heavy metals, which are lethal to the human body were detected.

The Ministry of Environment collected and analyzed 990 samples from 180 sites at the return site. As a result, arsenic, a first-class carcinogen, exceeded the standard value at more than 40 sites, and in some places the maximum concentration is more than 14 times the standard value.

In addition, the petroleum-based total hydrocarbons, which indicate the degree of pollution due to oil spills, exceeded the standard values ​​up to 17 times, and cadmium and copper significantly exceeded the standard values.

Dioxin, the main component of defoliant, was also detected.

Including the site of the heliport behind me, I added the detected area of ​​the first-class carcinogens in the camp walker returned by Daegu City this time because it exceeded the standard value, and all reached 3,600 square meters and the area of ​​five soccer fields.

Groundwater pollution is also serious.

In some samples, petroleum-based total hydrocarbons were detected up to 9,000 times higher than the reference value.

In addition, phenol and perfluorinated compounds were also found to exceed the standard.

[Kim Jung-jin/Citizens' Alliance for Safe Living in Daegu: In particular, since the groundwater pollution problem is not a problem within the base, it is inevitably contaminated in the surrounding area.] In

this regard, the USFK said in Camp Walker. He stated that there is no separate position on environmental evaluation.

(Video coverage: Namyong Kim TBC)