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weekend, news of the heartless mother's incident came one after another.

A woman who killed her newborn baby by throwing it out of the window was investigated by the police, and in Incheon, a woman who killed an 8-year-old child who had not yet been declared a birth was arrested.

This is Park Jae-hyun.


A 20-year-old mother, A, was arrested on the 16th for killing her newborn baby by throwing it out of the window.

Immediately after the arrest, he complained of extreme psychological anxiety and was transferred to the hospital, and a police investigation was also conducted at the hospital yesterday (17th).

[Police official: He said he was psychologically anxious, but he said he was sick, so he must have gone.

The doctor judges that you should be in the hospital...


Mr. A is known to have admitted to his crime in a police investigation.

A police official said that Mr. A gave birth the day before yesterday and that he threw it out the window immediately afterward.

It is said that Mr. A's family had no knowledge of Mr. A's pregnancy.

As soon as the investigation of the case is completed, the police will decide whether to apply for an arrest warrant for Mr. A.

--- In

Incheon, Mr. B, a woman in her 40s who murdered her 8-year-old daughter and left her for a week, was arrested yesterday.

Mr. B, who raised a man and a child in a common-law relationship, stated that he committed the crime because of the shock and life tragedy of breaking up with the man, and the child was not even reported to be born.

The man made an extreme choice after being investigated by the police regarding the child who died, and the suicide note is said to contain ``I'm sorry to my daughter.''