The quarantine authorities set up a vaccination management system ahead of the corona 19 vaccination, and receive reservations sequentially from the following month and issue vaccination certificates.

The Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (KCDC) announced today (18th) that "in order to provide accurate vaccination information in a timely manner and provide services to the public related to vaccination, the related system is being reorganized, and will be opened in stages from February."

The Agency for Disease Control explained, "Through the system, people who are eligible for vaccination can make an appointment, receive information about the vaccination date and location, and receive related services such as issuing vaccination certificates."

The government is working on preparations with the'Corona 19 Vaccination Response Promotion Team' ahead of the corona 19 vaccination, which will begin next month.

First of all, the support role for each ministry was determined. The vaccine evaluation team of the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety is responsible for the approval of the Corona 19 vaccine, the air transport support TF (task force) of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport is responsible for the vaccine import, and the transport support headquarters of the Ministry of Defense is responsible for the storage and distribution of vaccine I decided to do it.

In addition, the Ministry of Public Administration and Security's Corona 19 Vaccination Support Group will be in charge of preparation and implementation of vaccinations.

The government also decided to operate an inoculation center to inoculate the mRNA vaccine, which is difficult to store, and to secure vaccination personnel centered on each local government.

"The size of the vaccination center may vary depending on the number of populations by city, county, district," said at a regular briefing, President Eun-kyung Jung. "Currently, we are making a detailed manual on the operation of the vaccination center, and the medical and administrative personnel who can operate the center are related. It will be secured through consultation with the ministry and the medical community.”

Meanwhile, the government signed a supply contract for 10 million people with AstraZeneca, 6 million people with Janssen, 10 million people with Pfizer, and 20 million people with Modena last year, and the international project for joint purchase and distribution of vaccines,'Co. Through the COVAX facility, we have secured a total of 56 million vaccines, including 10 million supplies.

Although the supply of pre-purchased vaccines is in the first quarter of AstraZeneca, the second quarter of Janssen and Modenaga, and the third quarter of Pfizer, the schedule may be delayed due to problems in the production process.

In this regard, Commissioner Chung explained, "We are working in various ways to continuously consult with pharmaceutical companies and to maximize the supply schedule."

The government will support both drug and vaccination fees so that all citizens can receive the Corona 19 vaccine for free.

In addition, foreigners residing in Korea are also included in the free vaccination.

The government has announced that it will intensively administer vaccinations in the third quarter (July-September), when large quantities of vaccines are introduced, so that the'collective immunity' can be formed around November.

This is a target set on the premise that about 60-70% of the people will receive two vaccinations.

However, depending on the rate and duration of antibody formation after vaccination, the actual population immunity may be formed later than this.

When asked if they are seeking incentives to increase the vaccination rate, Jung replied, "We are not considering incentives or disadvantages from vaccination. I do not think that is desirable."