Samsung Electronics Vice Chairman Lee Jae-yong's deliberation for the destruction of the Gukjeong Nongdan case will be sentenced tomorrow (18th) and will be completed in one year and four months.

Criminal Division 1 of the Seoul High Court will hold a trial tomorrow afternoon for the destruction of Vice Chairman Lee Jae-yong, who is accused of bribing former President Park Geun-hye.

In February 2017, Vice Chairman Lee was arrested and charged with bribing former Presidents Park Geun-hye and Choi Seo-won along with a request for help with the succession of the Samsung Group's management rights.

Earlier, the Supreme Court's all-encompassing body returned the case to the Seoul High Court, saying that it should take a total of 5 billion won as a bribe, including 3.4 billion won in horse purchase cost and 1.6 billion won in donation to the Winter Sports Gifted Center, which was judged innocent by the appeal court in August 2019. At the trial, the prosecution imprisoned Lee for nine years in prison.

As the Supreme Court determines whether the charges are not guilty or not, it is expected that Vice-Chairman Lee's sentence will be key in the revocation review.

Another key figure in the Gukjeong Nongdan case, former President Park, was sentenced to a total of 20 years in prison, 18 billion won in fine, and 3.5 billion won in additional fines in the Supreme Court on the 14th.

(Photo = Yonhap News)