A fire broke out on an oil tanker in Busan Port, one person in the vessel was killed, and one person was seriously injured.

Today (17th) around 4:30 am, the 1,683t oil tanker that was staying at the anchorage of Namoe Port in Busan went out in 4 hours.

At that time, there were a total of six people on board, including two Koreans and four Myanmar nationals, of which one sailor from Myanmar was killed, and one of the head of a Korean organization was reported to be unconscious.

In addition, in the process of responding to the fire, two sea police officers drank smoke and one was being treated at a hospital for a broken shoulder.

The Busan Maritime Police Department believes that a fire has started in the engine room and is planning to investigate the exact details of the accident with the crew.

(Photo = Video capture provided by Busan Maritime Police Station, Yonhap News)