• Virtual reality 'Resurrection' one of the first virtual reality helmets in history

It is possible that the Oculus Quest are one of the few devices that in recent years have really surprised me.

Wireless virtual reality with more than good quality and at an affordable price?


The Oculus Quest 2 reinforces all that, because they look much better (a bit more resolution and refresh rate), they continue to work without cable (although if you want to connect them to the PC, you only need to use one) and on top of that they cost a little cheaper than its predecessors.

But as always, there is a bad side, and what an ugly side: the quality of its components is a little worse and, to top it all, it is now mandatory to use a Facebook account to access their services and even be able to make them work.

Although the previous model already pointed this way, it was not until a recent update that it was mandatory to log in with a Facebook account.

If you refuse, road and blanket: you can't use them.

With this in mind, you already know if these helmets are for you or not, because I think the only downside that can be put on them is that you are going to be using a Facebook product and feeding with your data and hours of play and your patterns of eyes and you know what else the advertising machine of Zuckerberg.

And if I say that it is the only downside, it is because its screen has such a good resolution and refresh rate that it makes it seem stupid to spend a thousand euros on equipment like those sold by Valve and other companies, with cameras, with speakers, with headphones that require cables.

The Oculus Quest do 90% of the things that the most expensive helmets for 300 euros, without the need to install cameras and without straining yourself with the cable that connects them to the computer.

They are also quite comfortable.

I could not say what they have played compared to their previous model, but they stick better to my head.

There are some poorly made decisions, like the position of the inner lenses moving by hand and making a horrible noise every time you do it or the more advanced grip model is sold separately and is quite brittle, according to many users.

As for their games, although the number is limited, there are already enough so that you do not feel that you have wasted money buying a virtual reality headset, something that we have all felt in the past with its predecessors or with those of the competition. .

In its store, Oculus has everything from documentaries to painting programs, to fantastic games like Beat Sabere, Super Hot, Vader Immortal, Pistol Whip, Population: One, The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners ... They all have their peculiarities and give you a different use to virtual reality, which is appreciated because, since they are not long games or very complex graphically, at least they are interesting and varied and unique

Oculus cannot compete in the catalog with some of the great games on the computer, such as Half-Life Alyx, but like its predecessor, it is easy to connect it to a computer using the Oculus Link (basically, a program and a suitable long USB-C cable) to play such games.

The wired configuration is simple, but if you really want to get the most out of them on your computer, there are ways to connect them wirelessly (Virtual Desktop, basically) that have little latency, you hardly lose graphic quality (something is lost, but it is not much) and that, be that as it may, it compensates a lot to save you the cable and to be able to move freely.

Or as freely as the room in which you play allows you, of course.

Like any VR device, it will require a safe space of about 3 square meters, which I know is not easy to achieve unless you have a good living room or a good office to play with.

It is possible to adapt to any limitation and the helmet itself warns you when you are dangerously close to the limits of the safe space, so breaking the TV with a blow with one of the controls is difficult if you have taken the appropriate precautions.

I admit that in the end I have played more PC games than Oculus during the Quest 2 review, and most of the time, using WiFi and without the need for cables.

The process is four clicks and, with being close to the router, it is possible to play without lag and without cuts in the image.

That is why I consider it the best virtual reality headset you can buy.

There are more comfortable, better quality components, with better screens and that do not require you to sell your soul to Facebook to use them, but they are more expensive and cannot be used without cables easily.

If you are interested in the world of virtual reality and you have a powerful computer to run these most demanding games, with the Oculus Quest 2 you have everything you need to play real gems like Half-Life: Alyx, which is one of the best video games of the decade and the second best from last year, according to our list.

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