• NEW.The recent premiere of 'Zomboat!'

    (Dark) serves to remember some of the zombie series that have given the most to talk about

  • SUCCESS: The zombie series have an increasing following around the world

There are more and more zombie series


We take advantage of the recent release of


, on the Dark channel, to make a stop along the way and recommend some

productions that are worthwhile

and whose plots revolve around the 'walking dead'.

You never know

when the insights

you gain from watching these series can be useful ...



Humor, a lot of humor

, is the great asset played by this British production recently arrived on

the Dark channel


Its protagonists are two sisters and two friends who forcibly share a boat that will take them to London on a canal that links

their native Birmingham, attacked by zombies, with the capital.

In his journey, confidences, misunderstandings, surreal situations and people who "return" from the past happen before the astonished eyes of some

very disoriented thirty-something.

The moments in the supermarket and in a hotel where some friends are waiting after a crazy bachelor party are priceless, as well as the thousand and one

references to zombie movies.


It is, without a doubt, the series that

has revolutionized in recent times the way of telling stories with the 'undead'


If Danny Boyle,

28 days later

(2002), managed to renew a subgenre in the cinema that lived much in the past,

The Walking Dead

has done the same (and to a greater extent) on the small screen with realism and action to the limit.

So much so that, despite the

11 seasons it has been on the air

, it continues to be attractive to viewers.


Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln)

, its protagonist, we have discovered that

solidarity is necessary to survive

in a zombie epidemic.

And that it is better not to hesitate for a second in front of the

real villains

of the function: very living beings that hide the true face of evil under their smile or their charisma.

His legacy lives on with

spin offs


Fear The Walking Dead

and the most recent (and very disappointing)

The Walking Dead: World Beyond



Not even in the wettest dream of a fan of



could there be room for a

starting point as crazy

as the one posed by this British production from the creator of

Black Mirror


In a UK shocked by a zombie apocalypse, what better place to

take refuge than the very house of

Big Brother


Yes, as you read it, that great set becomes the perfect place to escape death.

It is quite a

hoot to

see the contestants on the verge of panic or the detail of having had the

real presenter of the program

(the British Mercedes Milá) to give life to the hostess of the house.


In this series, the problem is not that people die.

Neither turn into zombies.

Rather, they die,

resurrect as zombies and have to return to their homes

to try to

reintegrate into society

thanks to a cure for their 'disease'.

The bad thing is that (beware of the parallelism that can be established with the sad situation that minorities or immigrants live in reality) the neighbors of these ex-zombies

do not accept them as equals

and prefer to make life impossible for them.



Stephen King

, the 'king of terror',


a series you have to pay attention to his important opinion.

This is what has happened to this Russian production, which has become a global success after receiving good reviews from the writer.

Two families (one rich, the other more humble and unstructured) embark on the odyssey of

traveling hundreds of kilometers along snowy roads

to escape certain death in their urbanization on the outskirts of Moscow.

Confinements, military that hide an epidemic

and, of course,


(or zombies with nuances) make up a cocktail in which

cold and vodka

are two destabilizing elements.

The lake of the title is the place where the protagonists believe they will be safe.

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