There were cases where gold was used to launder black money, such as criminal proceeds, but these days, gold exchange employees noticed very quickly.

I first noticed and reported who was stinging my feet and sent all the suspicious customers to the police station.

This is the exclusive report by reporter Shin Jeong-eun.

<Reporter> A

man in his 30s who visited the Jongno Gold Exchange in Seoul on the 14th.

As soon as I sit down, I hand out a check worth 90 million won.

It is asking for gold bars, but it seems uneasy to see them constantly shaking their legs and constantly exchanging messages with someone.

[Cho Hyung-hee/Korea Gold Exchange employee: He said he would buy gold according to the money, and he said he had to take it right away, and he continued Kakao Talk.] An

employee with a suspicious look delivers a memo to a colleague about money laundering.

And when they lie to the source, saying it's a check that has been suspended, the suspicious man confesses that it was someone else's job.

Something similar happened the next day.

This time, a woman in her 50s gives out two 1kg gold bars and asks for money.

It is worth 140 million won.

The production year stamped on the gold ingot is 2021 this year.

When asked when the employee pretended they hadn't seen it, the woman replied, "I bought it a few years ago," revealing what it wasn't.

All of the suspicious customers who appeared for two days in a row were caught by the police.

[Korea Gold Exchange official:'If you speak wrong, you can be a suspect, so you can suffer a lot of trouble,' and then he said,'It was errands and that was it.']

Crime organizations such as voice phishing seem to have less surveillance than banks. Is increasingly used as a money laundering channel.

This gold exchange has captured more than 20 money laundering situations in voice phishing over the past two years and reported it to the police.

In terms of amount, it is over 3 billion won.

[Seo Min-cheol/Korea Gold Exchange employee: As a company with social responsibility, I just have the idea that I cannot pass it over.

Most of the victims are the elderly people's money, so I want to protect this...


The bases of the gold exchange staff are helping to block covert crimes.

(Video coverage: Inpil-seong, Video editing: Hwang Ji-young, CG: Kang Yu-ra, Jung Hyun-jung)