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The automotive sector is facing tough times due to the Covid pandemic.

The shadow of the ERES and ERTES that hangs over the Spanish plants.

However, instead of the virus, workers are faced with

a new, more innocent-looking threat

: the PlayStation.

Much of today's automobiles

use microchips made from semiconductor materials

that the automotive industry incorporates into cars to control functions related to the


, power steering, or ABS systems.

It is a trend that has begun to become popular over the last decade and that car manufacturers used as a commercial claim or to include complementary features to their function as a vehicle such as touch screens,



systems or presence of cameras and Wifi networks as complements.

However, the automotive industry has been forced to

compete for these integrated circuits with PlayStation

and countless brands and manufacturers of technology such as mobile phones, computers, tablets and smart objects,

whose demand and use has skyrocketed

due to restrictions of the pandemic in recent months.

Microchips that, like the vast majority of technological components,

come from Chinese manufacturers

, which have been unable to respond to rising demand.

An extremely serious problem

that in our country currently affects the

Ford Almussafes


in Valencia, whose factory has been forced to stop producing for three days a month due to the shortage of these components and which threatens the workforce with a new ERTE until the situation is normalized, according to the local newspaper, Levante.

However, it is a global problem that has affected most of the world's car manufacturers.

In addition to Ford,

Fiat, Chrysler, Toyota and Volkswagen would be suffering from the shortage

of this component and being forced to cut staff, reduce production or close entire factories.

The shortage of this small part

disrupts the operation of entire plants

due to the in-line production system.

A shortage that is estimated to last nine months until Chinese factories are able to adjust supply to demand and thus return to normal.

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