It came with balanced driving dynamics on all types of terrain

"Jeep" launches the 3 rows of seats with its "Grand Cherokee L"

"Grand Cherokee L" came with the latest technologies reached by the automotive industry.

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"Jeep", a subsidiary of the "Fiat Chrysler" group, has launched a new era in the production of large-sized SUVs, by unveiling its new model "Grand Cherokee L", which for the first time in the company's history includes an interior consisting of three rows of seats. It is capable of accommodating seven adult passengers.

And based «Jeep», in its new model «Grand Cherokee L», on its long history in the manufacture of its «Grand Cherokee», with the rise to a larger size in terms of the structure of the body and the interior.

Through it, it addresses the segment of large families looking for a vehicle with high efficiency and capabilities when driving off-road, coupled with the comfort factor provided by the drive, four-wheel drive and suspension systems included in the car, as well as the luxury that passengers can obtain inside the cabin, whether through high-end components Quality, or through technology and modern technologies that are the latest in the automotive industry.

And designed «Jeep Grand Cherokee L» classes: «Overland» and «Summit» and «Limited» and «Summit Reserve», with completely new dimensions, aimed at enhancing the comfort of passengers in the three rows of seats to the maximum extent possible, with a wheelbase extending the length of 3091 Millimeter of space, contributed to providing more room for seating and more room for both feet and shoulder room.

The Grand Cherokee L has balanced driving dynamics on all types of terrain, with the availability of three four-wheel drive systems: "Quadra-Trac", "Quadra-Trac II" and "Quadra-Drive", all connected to an electronic limited-slip differential system in the axle. The rear wheels, in combination with an active transmission, allow improved stability by providing continuous torque ratios at low engine revs.

The car came with the latest technology reached by the world of the automotive industry, and it stands out with a nighttime display screen, based on "infrared", to sense road users up to 200 meters away, and display them on a screen within the dashboard space in front of the driver.

The car is also equipped with an advanced "Poconnect 5" system, and a camera to monitor the rear seat passengers.

"Celec Train"

The car has received the stability control system «Selec-Terrain» leading in its class, and allows the driver to choose settings for off-road and paved alike, ensuring the best possible performance from the four-wheel drive system, as the system automatically controls up to six different drive groups , With the ability to separate or increase torque and braking ratios to each wheel, thereby enhancing steering precision and stability.