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confirmed cases are continuously coming out through the missionary training facility in Sangju, Gyeongsangbuk-do, more than 1,100 people have not yet been tested.

The government intends to track down the location of those who are currently out of contact with the police to find out.

In addition, people who spread false information about corona and vaccines also decided to respond strongly.

Next is reporter Nam Joo-hyun.

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Missionary Paul Choi, the representative of Intercorp, a missions organization that operates the BTJ World Center.

In a sermon in July of last year, a group around Bill Gates made an absurd claim that they were trying to control people.

[Paul Choi/Missionary (CEO of Intercorp): Bill Gates gave a presentation.

'If we don't prepare to eradicate the coronavirus, the greatest threat to humanity, we will suffer' 5 years ago…


Conspiracy theories about the Corona 19 vaccine were also raised.

[Paul Choi/Missionary (CEO of Intercorp): Change the DNA structure with the vaccine.

What would be the world if you got this vaccine?

They become slaves.] The

government has decided to take strict response to claims that hinder epidemiological investigations or promote anxiety about vaccines.

[Sae-gyun Jeong/Prime Minister: Please take an active countermeasure, such as quickly correcting the facts and strictly restricting dissemination of false information without grounds.

The number of confirmed cases related to the BTJ Heating Center has increased to 729 so far, but 1,138 people, or 38% of the subjects, are not being tested.

Among these, those who have lost contact will be identified through cell phone location tracking and will be immediately inspected.

[Yoon Tae-ho / Head of the Central Accident Response Headquarters: Police quick response team is used to thoroughly identify the location, and the person who refuses to be tested is accused of violating the inspection order in accordance with the Infectious Disease Prevention Act...


Two of the BTJ Nations Center officials were arrested for obstructing epidemiological investigations for failing to submit a list of participants in the missionary event.

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