It is a recurring theme, but also one of the most desirable.

The croissant has found its way into the capital and Madrid already has a remarkable range of bakeries and patisseries that make the quintessential French pastry wonderfully.

The texture, the color, that it is crunchy and tastes like butter

are the keys to identifying the quality ones.

There are names on the hottest list that stick year after year, but this time there are additions worth trying.

Sure they are not all who are, but a good representation.

We will expand the tasting and recommendations ...


The first bakery of the French chain opened in the capital in June.

"When you bite into a good croissant, the puff pastry crumbs have to fall off," Eric Kayser explained a few months ago on a visit to Madrid.

"The color of a croissant says it all; the smell of butter and sugar. When you open it, you have to pay attention to its holes, irregular by fermentation. The fluffiness of the dough is appreciated when you squeeze it and it recovers its shape."

It is one of the new additions.


: Velázquez, 126.

Croissants from Estela Hojaldre.


If you have a sweet tooth, you have to follow the trail of Estela Gutiérrez.

This Cantabrian family of pastry chefs makes a scandal puff pastry, all handmade and with the best ingredients.

Their butter croissants can be found in Panic and they also work on request.

"I dedicate myself to this for pleasure and that I think is the basis of any cook. Well, that and practice," he says.

Good ingredients and time are the basis of his work.


: Conde Duque, 13. Order telephone number: 91 429 3962.

The dough hides the secret of the Madreamiga by La Miguiña croissant.


"A special flour for croissants, our sourdough, fresh milk from Avila just milked, French butter, whole sugar, salt and yeast", these are the ingredients of the croissants from this bakery led by the baker Begoña San Pedro.

"The most special thing is that they do not have improvers, which most of the rest do. They also differ a little from the others because they do not have so much sugar, since for my taste if it is very sweet it covers the true flavor of the Butter".

A secret of its elaboration?

"We do a first 24-hour ball fermentation before puffing the dough. That gives the croissant a more intense flavor."


: Teruel 26. Telephone: 652 163 698.

Ricardo Vélez bet from the beginning for the croissant.


Ricardo Vélez is a pastry chef with a clear French influence and, as such, a magnificent croissant could not be missing in his display cases.

Since it started in 2006, it has been an emblem of the house.

He makes them daily in his bakery with the most basic ingredients of traditional pastry: strong flour, egg, sugar, salt and butter.

Velez's teacher was Gaëtan Paris, one of the great French pastry chefs and a leading reference in modern pastry.

He taught her the secrets of puff pastry and a technique based on double fermentation.


: Alcalá, 77. Telephone: 914 318 145.

La Duquesita's croissant is already a classic.


Oriol Balaguer's croissant is a fixture on the list of the most desired.

His secret: spend three days in the preparation and use the best butter and flour.

"Time always makes a difference; the product gains strength and flavor", he said when he took over the reins of this emblematic Madrid pastry shop.

When tasting a croissant, the first thing the Catalan pastry chef recommends paying attention to is the puff pastry, which has many layers.

And a good croissant, he adds, cannot "be heavy."


: Fernando VI, 2. Telephone: 913 080 231.

Chez Gabrielle is a small neighborhood bakery.


This small bakery in the Hortaleza neighborhood has earned the affection of a large part of the French community - and not French - that lives in the area of ​​the French Lyceum with its rich pastries.

The secret of their croissant, in addition to the pampering, is that they use a little cream instead of milk and salted butter.

From early in the morning, he has them freshly made daily at his store.

“There are many factors that influence the quality of the croissant;

for example, the temperature of the workshop.

It's more difficult in the summer, ”says Gabrielle Tixeront, the owner.


: Plaza Andrés Jáuregui, 16. Telephone: 91 007 47 03.

Pandomè's pastries are delicious.


Domenico Rosso's stall in the Tirso de Molina market is full of sweet surprises.

His roscón and his panettone have become quite a claim this Christmas.

And now it is the turn to talk about the croissant, all artisan and made every day.

Incredible texture and flavor.

"We make them one by one from the beginning to the end," says this baker who came to Spain 14 years ago.

All their pastries have long fermentation processes and the best ingredients behind them.


: Tirso de Molina Market (Urraca, 15).

Telephone: 691 17 81 75.

Croissants with the stamp of Babette's oven.


The bread from this bakery is one of the best in the city, but it is not only worth a visit here.

Surely the name is familiar to you due to the fame of its roscón, but its palm trees and croissants deserve a well-highlighted space.

The puff pastry is the key and the time of the fermentations.

Directed by Beatriz Echeverría, it has four locations in the capital where you can buy its delicacies.


: Joaquín Lorenzo 4 (Peñagrande);

Ramón de Santillán 15 (Chamartin);

Serrano 162 (Viso);

Ayala 70 (Salamanca District).

Telephone: 911 41 96 49.


One hundred thirty and its croissant paradise.

This gourmet bakery and coffee roaster, located in Chamberí, has been giving a lot to talk about lately.

This year, the Matador Club recognized them as the best bread of 2020. The brothers Alberto and Guido Miragoli assure that "paradise is shaped like a croissant" and after tasting theirs it can be said that it is so.

Expert hands, additive-free French butters and sustainably grown flours mark its roadmap.


: Fernando el Catolico, 17. Telephone: 910 06 70 76.

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