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Several hackers claim to have succeeded in obtaining almost all of the content exchanged on Parler.

56.7 TB of data published on the social network of the ultra-conservative American right would have been archived, says



These files represent between 96% and 99% of the items posted to the app before the app was deleted.

In total, the hacker donk_enby and her comrades recorded 412 million posts, including 150 million photos and one million videos.

here is the metadata from all 30TB of those videos:

for how to access the video files themselves and the rest of the archive, your point of contact is now @textfiles

- crash override (@donk_enby) January 11, 2021

A flaw in Parler

Each of these files contains information about the time of their uploading and the location of the user at that time.

This information could prove invaluable in identifying some of the rioters who stormed the Capitol on January 6.

Many of them have relayed their actions live on Parler.

It is also to obtain information on the rioters that donk_enby had initially tried to hack the social network.

She initially focused on posts dating from the day of the riot.

To her surprise, however, she discovered that she could access almost all of the content thanks to a cybersecurity breach.

Threats against hackers

The cybercriminals group is currently processing the recovered data.

Internet users should be able to browse them in the coming days.

Some are already accessible as torrent files.

The perpetrators of the hack were publicly threatened by former Parler users.

“I have witnessed the effects of disinformation first-hand,” donk_enby commented.

“I hope to show other people like me that they can use their skills for political ends.

Piracy IS a political act.



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