Today (January 13) is the day of the death of Jung Mo, who died three days ago while inspecting a coal transportation device at Kumho T&L.

At the same time, it is his thirty-third birthday.

The bereaved family put the number 33 on the cake and placed it in front of him, but they couldn't light the candle.

Instead, I recorded the story of Jung, remembered by the bereaved family. 

On the day of the accident, Mr. Jung's mother received a phone call. 

"Kumho T&L employee: Mr. ○○ Jung got hurt while working on the site today, but he is now going to Yeocheon Jeonnam Hospital.

Mr. Jung's mother: Yes? Yes? Yes? Where did you get hurt?

Kumho T&L employee: Oh leg I got hurt a little with my mother. My mother is starting from work now." 

-Recorded a call between Mr. Jung's mother and Kumho T&L employee on the day of the accident- 

When I met my son in the hospital, who had a little injured in his leg, he had already died.

“As a parent, looking at a child like that child felt like a thunderbolt in the sky, so I was so speechless and couldn’t speak. Even if I tried to go to another hospital, I took the deceased here and there with the work that had already been done. It doesn't make sense to go around." 

-Interview with Jung's father- 

On the day of the accident on Sunday, when I asked my son if he was leaving home at 6:30 PM if he was going to work for a weekend, he replied briefly that he could not help it. 

The son who didn't express an unusually difficult expression. 

“I went to Seoul to ask for a civil service exam, and I went to Gwangju for a few months, and then went to Seoul, and after I took the exam like this, I fell off every time I hit it. I feel embarrassed to my parents anymore. It’s a long time since I went to a job by introducing my friend. I can’t say that it’s difficult for my parents. That’s a pity"

-Interview with Jung's father- 

Mr. Jung's parents could only know what his son's workplace was like after the accident. 

The workshop came out after a long time down the stairs where coal dust was scattered.

My son, 182 cm tall, went into a coal transport unit that was only 90 cm wide by 90 cm long, and bowed her waist or lie down to work.

It has been inspecting or replacing parts inside the machine in a narrow, sealed place where it is difficult to breathe. 

In addition, the other worker who died at Kumho T&L in 2018 was also an employee of a partner company A like Jung, not an employee of Kumho T&L.

"This case is not only my son, not only my son, but the same thing happened two years ago. Then something should be improved. My son did this, but this shouldn't happen again. Originally a subcontractor. When an accident like this happens, the head office asks what? Are you burying it like this? It's a heartbreaking thing. It's a heartbreaking thing. Those people work, put down orders and work, so they only get it. Whatever the environment. It's bad."  

-Interview with Jung's father-

There is only one reason I told my son's story before the sadness went away.

It was because of the wish that this should not happen again.

The Severe Disaster Penalty Act will come into effect next year.

Even if implemented, the wishes of Mr. Jung's parents may not come true without a sincere corporate attitude and improvement of the poor working environment.