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most worrisome place for the quarantine authorities, hoping for the corona to subside, is the BTJ Heating Center in Sangju, Gyeongbuk.

It is a facility that trains missionaries, and about 3,000 people have been there since last November.

In about 40 days since the first patient was released on the 3rd of last month, more than 700 confirmed cases have come out across the country.

The problem, however, is that nearly half of the people who have been to this facility have not yet had a diagnostic test.

In addition, the suspicion that the list submitted there was sloppy was raised, and each local government started looking for visitors.

This is TBC reporter Park Jung.

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is the home of a test subject in Daegu included in the list of visitors to the Sangju BTJ World Center.

Officials go to them and request a corona 19 diagnostic test, but they are faced with a door.

[BTJ National Center related test subject: Bring a warrant or warrant to come to my house.]

Another subject who has never been to the Sangju National Center is angry when asked to fill out a confirmation form.

[BTJ National Center related test subject: (If you haven't gone to the National Center), it's not very difficult to sign it.) It's not difficult, but I don't want to do it.

I'm so ridiculous. Really...

.] They

argue that they have undergone a corona19 diagnostic test at all, and are struggling with public officials.

[BTJ National Center related test subject: (You say you received the test, but when and where did you get it….) (Government official) It seems that there is nothing to do.

Find out that, myself.] The number of

visitors to the Sangju World Center notified to Daegu City was 166, of which 114 completed diagnostic tests, and 52 did not.

Also, 18 of them are out of reach.

The city of Daegu is planning to extend the administrative order for diagnostic tests until the 21st, and if additional confirmed cases are found violating this, criminal charges and remedy will be requested.

In addition, it is difficult to believe the list of visitors submitted by the Sangju BTJ World Center.

Sangju is reviewing requests for investigation, saying that the visitor list written on each date is the same as if one person had transcribed it.

[Lee Insu/Director of Health Center in Sangju City, Gyeongbuk: Because we look closely at the list of accessors.

It is thought that the reliability of the submitted list is poor, as it is shown in the same person's handwriting on a single date.]

Anxiety about quarantine is growing due to the non-cooperation of some visitors.

(Video coverage: Kim Deok-rae TBC)