US President Donald Trump cannot post new videos on his YouTube channel for at least a week for breaking the rules of the platform.

YouTube announced this on Twitter on Wednesday.

"The channel has now received a first warning and can therefore not upload new videos for at least seven days," YouTube writes.

The company can extend the suspension after a week.

YouTube took a recently posted video offline calling for violence, according to the service.

It is not known which video it is and what exactly Trump said.

In addition to a video of Trump, two videos were also pulled from the White House YouTube channel for violating house rules,

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Furthermore, comments under Trump's videos are being disabled for the time being because of "concerns about violence."

YouTube has now issued a first warning.

Another warning will result in a two-week suspension and a third warning normally means the end of an account.

YouTube previously removed a video in which Trump talked about the storming of the Capitol.

In it, he again cited unsubstantiated claims about election fraud and called for resistance.

Other tech companies intervened earlier in response to statements by the president.

Facebook and Instagram suspended accounts of Trump indefinitely, but at least until after the inauguration of new president Joe Biden on January 20.

Twitter permanently suspended Trump's account.


For example, the Democrats want to impeach Trump and he will lose this

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