Followers of the QAnon movement were present during the riots in Washington on January 6.


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  • In an interview with France 3, the Deputy Minister Marlène Schiappa, in charge of Citizenship, said she was "concerned" by the emergence of "new conspiracy groups" in France, citing the "QAnon" movement.

  • Born online and active across the Atlantic, this movement promotes the idea that the United States is controlled by occult powers that only Donald Trump is able to counter.

  • Relayed in France and in other countries of the world, the “QAnon” theories worry the government and will be addressed in the report of an inspection mission on sectarian deviations commissioned by Marlène Schiappa.

Should members of the “QAnon” group be considered as belonging to a sectarian movement?

This is the analysis sketched out last Sunday by the Deputy Minister in charge of Citizenship, Marlène Schiappa.

Invited on the set of the program "Dimanche en politique", on France 3, she specified that the conspiratorial group was in the "viewfinder" of an inspection mission on the emergence of new sectarian groups on the national territory .

A few days after the invasion of the Capitol by pro-Trump activists, several demonstrators could be identified as belonging to the “QAnon” movement, this conspiratorial community according to which Donald Trump would have the mission of saving the world from a pedo elite. satanic and what they call the “ 

Deep State


This movement, which is taking root

"In France by influence of the United States", is considered worrying by Marlène Schiappa and the government, which should receive the results of this report by the end of January.

🇺🇸🇫🇷 @MarleneSchiappa is worried about the emergence in France of American sectarian groups like the #QAnons.

The Minister of Citizenship has requested a report on the subject.

📺 @ letellier_ftv @ France3tv #Dimpol

- DimancheEnPolitique (@DimPolitique) January 10, 2021

"Map" sectarian excesses

Launched at the initiative of the Minister Delegate “several months ago”, specifies the cabinet of Marlène Schiappa, this mission aims to “map” the sectarian excesses active in France.

“Currently, we do not have an inventory on this subject.

However, we are seeing the emergence of sectarian aberrations in different forms and we have a role of alerting the general public on these subjects ”, justifies the entourage of the minister to 

20 Minutes.

Who are they ?

What are their demands and their modes of action?

How do they influence their members and how to act against them?

All these questions will be addressed in the report of this mission entrusted to both the investigative services of the national police, the gendarmerie and the Miviludes (Interministerial mission for vigilance and the fight against sectarian aberrations).

If the QAnon movement is not the only one specifically targeted by this work, elements relating to this movement should appear in the report.

Numerous ramifications in France

“QActus”, “QAnon-FR”, “Les DéQodeurs”… The movement benefits from numerous ramifications allowing it to broaden its influence on French territory, mainly through social networks or encrypted messaging such as Telegram.

“The movement is decentralized and participatory, which makes it very difficult to quantify, analyzes Tristan Mendès France, associate lecturer at the University of Paris and member of the Observatory of conspiracy.

Many heads of gondolas relay messages from "Q", this anonymous tutelage figure who posts cryptic messages on alternative forums.


According to a survey provided, published last October on the Vice site


the theories of the QAnon movement were first relayed to French Internet users through Quebec followers.

“QAnon's theses were able to take root in France because the ground was fertile,” continues Vice.

In a recent report, the start-up "anti-fake news" Newsguard reports that members of Facebook groups of "yellow vests" and defenders of Didier Raoult have taken back videos published on the site of Léonard Sojli ", administrator of the group "The DeQodeurs".

Can we qualify the “QAnon” movement as a sect?

For all that, does a conspiracy movement take on a sectarian character, as the minister suggests?

“We cannot say that QAnon is a sect, tempers Tristan Mendès France.

However, the extremist character of his beliefs and his deep religiosity are characteristics of the sectarian movement.

It breaks family, emotional and loving bonds and consequently isolates its members from society.


Gloomy atmosphere among the FR qanons in recent days.

- Tristan Mendès France (@tristanmf) January 5, 2021

According to him, a few tens of thousands of people would be interested in QAnon in France: “It is important, today, to estimate the real penetration rate of this movement in order to know if the importation of the speech of Q in France is reflected with the same intensity as in the United States ”.

While Twitter announced that it had deleted 70,000 accounts linked to the QAnon movement on Tuesday, the migration of these accounts to more confidential platforms could prove to be problematic.

"On platforms like Vkontakte or Gab, which are social networks without moderation and haunts of anti-Semitism or nationalism, these people who are already influenced could expose themselves to even more virulent content", worries Tristan Mendès France.

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