The CoronaMelder can again warn users of Android phones about possible corona infections.

The warning app suffered an hour-long partial failure on Wednesday, which meant that Android users could not be warned.

Google reports Wednesday evening that the problem has been resolved.

The reports have not been lost, they will only come later, the Ministry of Health said earlier.

The malfunction hit Google's technology behind the reporter, the so-called Android Exposure Notifications System.

Thanks to this technology, the Netherlands was able to develop the CoronaMelder.

It has been available nationwide since October 10 and has more than 3.5 million users.

Corona detectors in other countries also faltered on Wednesday, such as Corona-Warn in Germany and NHS COVID-19 in England and Wales.

People with the CoronaMelder on an iPhone were not affected by the interference.

Almost every phone in the world runs on Android from Google or iOS from Apple operating systems.

The two tech giants have developed a system that governments can use to build their own corona detectors.