Amazon Web Services has responded to the lawsuit filed by social media platform Parler, after Amazon shut down Parler's web hosting.

According to Parler, there is a breach of contract and abuse of power, but Amazon calls that claim unfounded.

Amazon said that Parler was taken offline, because the social medium called for violence.

The role that the platform played in the storming of the Capitol was probably the deciding factor.

Amazon had already warned Parler about messages distributed on the service, but the social medium did not respond adequately, according to Amazon.

Amazon says that Parler has broken contract.

The company calls the discontinuation of web hosting "a last resort".

"In this case, Parler showed himself neither willing nor able to remove content from Amazon servers that threatened public security," Amazon writes.

"This involves encouraging and planning the rape, mistreatment and murder of administrators and civilians named by name."

Amazon is referring to the Trump-criticized Section 230 law, which grants tech platforms immunity from their moderation rules.

"This is exactly what is at issue here," Amazon writes.

"We blocked access to content that we find extremely violent and intimidating."

Parler has not yet responded.

The service demands that the judge reverses taking the platform offline.