A survey result showed that 67.7% of Korean citizens had an opinion that they would be right after watching the Corona 19 vaccine.

Only 28.6% said that they would be right.

Professor Yu Myung-soon's team at the Graduate School of Public Health at Seoul National University announced today (14) that this was confirmed in a Corona 19 awareness survey conducted on 1,94 adult men and women nationwide from the 8th to the 10th of this month.

About the timing of vaccinations in Korea, 59.9% of respondents answered'I will be right after watching', which is higher than 37.8% of responding'I will get right soon'.

As for the time of commercialization of the Corona 19 vaccine in Korea,'Middle of the Year' was the most common with 42%, followed by'End of the Year' (35.4%), and'Next Year or After' (11.2%).

The confidence in the vaccine was good.

32.5% of respondents answered'yes' to'I do not trust most vaccines','I do not trust Korea's health care system', and'I do not trust the government enough to be sure that vaccines are safe and efficient'. , 21.5% and 46.3% showed lower rates than those who answered'No.'

80.3% of the respondents said that they will get the corona 19 vaccine (unconditionally + probably).

Only 1.8% of respondents said that they will never receive the vaccine.

In the American perception survey, the response rate to the same question reached 13.4%.

However, opinions on testing the safety and effectiveness of the commercially available COVID-19 vaccine were divided in half.

50.3% of respondents said'I'm sure they've taken an appropriate test', but 43.6% said'I'm not sure'.

The fairness of vaccine distribution was also higher with 50.9% saying'I am not sure' than'I am confident' (43.6%).

Professor Yu Myung-soon emphasized, "It is necessary to strengthen efforts to grasp and reflect the intentions, attitudes, and experiences of the people from various angles with the attitude that'the final grade of the policy comes out as a comprehensive evaluation."

During the first year of the COVID-19 outbreak, positive changes in trust in science were also noticeable.

47.6% of the respondents said,'I have come to trust science more than before.'

41% said'it's the same as before' and 11.4% said'I have become distrusted in science'.

Among the respondents to the Corona 19 crisis, 80.7% of the respondents believed in science and medical experts.