Today (14th), there are expected to be around 500 new coronavirus cases.

There are more and more confirmed cases related to the'Missionary Education Facility' in Sangju, Gyeongsangbuk-do, and two-thirds of visitors to this facility are not being tested.

This is Lee Hyun-young.

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quarantine authorities and local governments across the country counted 459 new cases by 9 o'clock last night, 41 fewer than the 500 announced at the same time the day before.

Looking at the trend of confirmed cases so far, the number of new confirmed cases today is expected to reach as many as 500 from the late 400.

In connection with the BTJ World Center, a Christian missionary education facility in Sangju, Gyeongbuk, 86 confirmed patients were found.

The cumulative confirmed cases related to BTJ World Center were 662.

The quarantine authorities have secured a list of 3,13 people related to the BTJ Heating Center and are asking them to take a diagnostic test, but only one-third of visitors to the center have been tested.

Local governments such as Seoul and Gyeonggi Province even issued administrative orders to undergo diagnostic tests.

The National Health Insurance Corporation is planning to exercise the right to indemnify BTJ National Center for at least 3 billion won in consideration of the estimated medical expenses per patient with Corona 19.

The government is also considering exercising the right to indemnify.

However, Intercorp, which operates the BTJ World Center, has filed an administrative lawsuit and a provisional injunction requesting the court to suspend its effect, claiming that the government's prohibition and closing orders were excessive.