The National Health Service has decided to claim the right to indemnify the BTJ Community Center in Sangju, Gyeongsangbuk-do, and individuals involved in violating the quarantine guidelines and rejecting epidemiological investigations.

As of yesterday (12th) 0 o'clock, the cumulative confirmed cases of Corona 19 related to BTJ Heath Center were 576.

Of these, 126 were confirmed after visiting the BTJ World Center, and an epidemiological investigation revealed that 53 of the confirmed cases transmitted the virus to 450 people in other regions through religious meetings.

In addition, 1,873, 67% of the people who visited the BTJ Center for a month from November, have not yet been tested.

The Health Insurance Corporation said it plans to claim compensation for the medical expenses of the confirmed patients as they violated the administrative order and interfered with the quarantine act.