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front of the court where the trial was held today (13th), many people appeared from early morning.

They raised their voices saying that Jang and her husband should be punished severely.

Jang admits that he was abused through his attorney, but denied the allegations that he did not deliberately let Jung In die.

This is reporter Sangmin Kim.


Long before the trial began, the court was full of voices calling for severe punishment.

[Joo Ok-hwa / Member of the Korea Child Abuse Prevention Association: It was before I was changed to murder today.

I'm just waiting for it, tease.

I came with the hope that the charges would be reconciled for murder...

.] When a

convoy vehicle carrying his stepmother Jang enters the court, the castle bursts out.

After the trial was over, the anger of the citizens became more intense.

Blocking the vehicle, knocking on the window or throwing snowballs.

People who sit down and cry out have also been found everywhere.

Her stepfather, Mr. Ahn, covered her face with a hat on a jumper, and ran to the car waiting outside the court.

Reporters and citizens who followed Mr. An surrounded the vehicle, causing great confusion.

[Jungin saves it! Jung-in saves it!] The

lawyer denied the charges, saying that the adoptive parents admitted to some abuse, but did not deliberately resulted in death.

[Jeong Hee-won/Adopter's Attorney: (The defendant) knowingly does not seem to be on purpose. I believe. I am denying the'child abuse lethal', but how would I admit the (added)'murder'.]

Citizens said that the only thing that could comfort Jung In a little is to shout strict punishment, and that they would go to the court every trial.

[Jeong Hye-young/Vice Team Leader of the Korea Child Abuse Prevention Association: Because there is only this I can do... . I am so sorry that I have no ability, I cannot change the law, and there is only this that I can do (I want to tell you.)]

(Video coverage: Kim Yong-woo, video editing: Won-hee Won, VJ: Kim Jong-gap)