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the fight between Corona 19 and the world continues to prolong, mutant viruses continue to appear.

There are reports that it is more contagious and does not work well with vaccines, so let’s take a closer look at how far this fits in the current situation.

Let’s look at the medical reporter Cho Dong-chan first and continue the story.


The main characteristic of the British mutation is a protein called'Y501', and the South African mutation is a protein called '484K'.

This Brazilian mutation has 484K protein, so it appears that the South African mutation has changed again, but it can only be known after the genetic analysis.

The concern of the British mutation is that it has high propagation power.

A study from the University of London released on the 5th showed that the spread was on average 56% higher.

People infected with the British mutation had more virus detected in the same amount of salivary droplets than those infected with the existing virus, which could cause serious symptoms, the researchers estimate.

Some argue that the South African-Brazilian mutation could make the vaccine useless.

When an Italian research team put the mutant virus in a plate containing the existing Corona 19 antibody, it became the basis for immune evasion, that is, the virus grew well.

Nevertheless, many domestic and foreign experts are cautious.

[Ki-Jong Hong / Editor-in-Chief of the Korean Vaccine Society: Virologically, I don't know what characteristics are the mutations and why.

These things have to be revealed. Oh, that's really dangerous, I can judge.] The

World Health Organization says there is no concrete evidence yet that the subsequent mutations will neutralize the vaccine.

Pfizer Pharmaceuticals of the United States announced that it has experimentally confirmed that the vaccine is also effective against mutant viruses.


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will solve the remaining questions with medical reporter Cho Dong-chan.

Q. If I catch a cold, can I not catch Corona 19?

[Cho Dong-chan / medical journalist (professional): Once the research itgoyo this section did not receive the expert validation, takes a more important cold Rather Have you heard ever talk that you can not take well to the corona 19?]

[Anchor: such research I heard that the results came out.]

[Dong-chan Cho/medical journalist (specialist): It was published in Science, a global scientific journal last month. He has been around for decades and has suffered from the human coronavirus that causes a mild cold in people. Had immunity against Corona 19.

Human coronavirus, which is quite different from Corona 19, also helps defense through cellular immunity. The reason is that the vaccine is made based on the Corona 19 virus, which is quite similar to the new mutation, so of course we can expect a greater cellular immunity effect.]

Q. Why is the mutation?

[Cho Dong-chan/medical journalist (specialist): First, there are some coronaviruses that mutate well, and because viruses change well between people, the larger the outbreak, the more often the mutation will appear.

Experts have to pay close attention to the continuing variation, but are urged not to have excessive fear.]

Q. How to reach group immunity?

[Dong-Chan Jo/Medicine reporter (specialist): When 60-70% of the people have immunity, they reach collective immunity, but the World Health Organization will not be able to get the vaccine for 60-70% of the world's population within this year. I expected.

It's probably because of low-income countries.

Securing the amount of vaccine is also a problem, but the bigger problem is that even in advanced health countries, the distribution process called'cold chain' was not smooth, so the vaccination rate was less than a tenth of what was expected.

In Korea, it is likely that group immunity will be achieved within this year only when the quantity is secured and the vaccination rate is thoroughly prepared.