The cumulative number of confirmed cases related to the BTJ World Center in Sangju, Gyeongbuk has increased to 576.

The Central Defense Response Headquarters (Daebon Bang) announced that the number of confirmed patients related to the BTJ Center for the Nations increased by 71 in the last three days, and 576 as of 0 o'clock today (12th).

By type of infection, 126 people were confirmed after visiting the BTJ Universal Center for a month from November 27 to December 27 last year.

In addition, 53 of these confirmed cases were found to have spread the virus to 450 additional people through meetings with 9 provinces and 27 religious facilities.

At that time, there were 2,797 people who visited the BTJ Universal Center, of which 1,873 (67%) have not even been tested, except for 924, 33% of them.

Bang Dae-bon said that many of the visitors who have not been inspected have not been contacted at all or have denied their visit.