On Sunday, Apple removed the social medium Parler from the App Store.

Apple gave Parler 24 hours on Friday to implement message checking.

The app would have been used to incite violence and encourage people to storm the US Capitol by Trump supporters on Wednesday.

Parler is designed as an alternative to the Twitter app.

Among other things, Trump supporters use the social medium because they feel that they are being silenced on the mainstream social media.

The medium now has 10 million subscribers and 4 million active users.

Trump has 2.3 million followers on Parler.

The app was already pulled from the Play Store by Google on Friday, for the same reasons that Apple now uses.

Following Google and Apple, Amazon decided to discontinue the web hosting of Parler's site with effect from Sunday.

If the company cannot find another hosting company, it means that Parler's website will go black.

Parler founder John Matze once said that as a platform, Parler is not responsible for all messages posted by users.

Matze has accused tech giants Amazon, Google and Apple of holding back competition and asks users to complain to politicians about the companies' decisions.

Matze speaks of "an attempt to remove freedom of speech from the internet".

Storming the Capitol led to social media intervention

The storming of the Capitol has resulted in several stern appearances by social media companies.

Experts warned several times during Trump's term that hate speech and disinformation on social media could lead to harm and victims.

Facebook director Mark Zuckerberg announced on Thursday that Trump is not allowed to use his Facebook and Instagram account for the time being.

Twitter permanently blocked Trump's personal account from Friday to Saturday night.