Tackle your phone addiction with Mind Leak, stream music effortlessly with AirMusic and a new competitor to Netflix.

These are the apps of the week.

Mind Leak

Mind Leak can be a nice and useful helping hand if you want to spend less time on your phone.

This app will warn you if you are endlessly scrolling on Instagram, TikTok or Facebook.

Mind Leak does things differently than other digital wellness apps.

The app turns on your front camera when you spend too long on a particular app.

You are so reminded that you probably have something better to do.

The app is currently only available on Android and automatically analyzes which apps you use for (too) long.

You can also add addictive apps yourself in the settings.

Download Mind Leak for Android (Free)


AirMusic is for people with an Android phone and for speakers from Apple.

With the app you can stream music from a Samsung, Huawei, Nokia or other smartphone with Android to a HomePod (mini).

AirMusic can handle AirPlay, the technique that Apple devices use to play songs wirelessly.

You need at least Android 10 to run the app.

In addition to AirPlay, AirMusic can also handle Google Cast, Roku, Samsung and Sonos.

So basically the app is an all-in-one music player for your Android phone.

AirMusic is free, but after ten minutes of listening, some background noise is added.

If you don't want that, you can start a new session or buy the paid version.

Download AirMusic for Android (free / 3.99 euros)

Discovery +

Have you watched Netflix and Disney +?

Discovery kicks off the year by launching its own streaming service: discovery +.

This allows you to watch the offer of the TV channels Discovery, TLC and Animal Planet on demand.

The company also produces exclusive films and series.

Discovery + is available on almost all platforms.

You can watch via the smartphone app, via the browser of your computer or on a smart TV.

Discovery + has a seven-day free trial and replaces the older Dplay app.

The Eurosport Player has also been discontinued.

Discovery promises to supplement the streaming service with more exclusive shows in the coming months.

Download discovery + for Android or iOS (3.99 euros per month / 39.99 euros per year)