People trying to create an account on Signal messaging service may experience a delay in receiving their verification code.

The service is being overwhelmed by new users, Signal writes on Twitter on Thursday.

The pressure is probably due to the announcement that WhatsApp accounts outside of Europe will start sharing data with Facebook without permission from this week, among other things to adapt advertisements to the internet behavior of the user and to integrate with Facebook's payment platform.

Users within the European Union are not bothered by this, because the Irish privacy authority has made agreements about this with Facebook: this is simply not allowed here.

WhatsApp and Facebook have been sharing data outside of Europe for some time.

Until this week, it was possible to turn it off with a button.

However, since the introduction of the new privacy statement, that button has disappeared.

Many users have therefore announced that they will delete their accounts and switch to Signal.

Signal says it is "excited" about the increase in the number of new users.

The company is in talks with telecom providers to resolve the issues.