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Jung In-i's case is known to the world and many people are angry, there is a movement in the political world to come up with a countermeasure and make a law.

However, our society has not been without laws or institutions to prevent child abuse.

That system didn't work.

Today (6th), let’s take a closer look at what to worry about in order for it to work, referring to foreign cases.

Reporters Seo-Hyun Ahn and Hyun-Seok Park deliver together.

<Reporter Seo-Hyun Ahn>

To stop child abuse, we must observe Golden Time.

Jung-in missed it in the case.

It wasn't until three weeks after the police reported that the on-site CCTV was checked, but the video had already been deleted and the tragedy was not prevented.

How are you doing abroad?

There are specific and mandatory intervention guidelines of 24 hours.

In the United States, organizations that receive reports of child abuse must initiate an on-site investigation within 24 hours, and quarantine within 24 hours after the investigation is determined to be child abuse.

The UK also has to decide what actions local officials will take within 24 hours of filing.

The scope of the person obligated to report is also an issue to be considered.

The United States has a very broad range.

[Ahn Joon-Sung / American attorney, visiting professor at Yonsei University International Graduate School: Computer repair engineer, person who develops photographs, you may discover (proof of child abuse) while actually developing photographs.

If such people have a reasonable suspicion, they are required to report it.]

By expanding the scope of the person who is obligated

to report, it also

has the effect of raising social awareness.

Although there are already regulations on penalties for negligence below 5 million won, the actual report rate last year was only 23%, and it is also a situation that needs to be supplemented.

[Yoon-jin Lee/Associate Fellow of the Research Institute for Childrearing: The perception that it is a crime that can be punished has only begun to grow stronger recently.




<Reporter Park Hyeon-seok>

Most of the perpetrators you meet at the scene get the facts of abuse.

Therefore, instead of a private child protection agency, they have the authority to take enforcement measures along with expertise, and a dedicated public official is essential for Malbaldo Island in the field.

However, this number of dedicated officials is not enough.

There are about 300 people nationwide, about 120 out of 229 cities, counties, and gus, and only 8 out of 31, excluding Gyeonggi-do.

We plan to increase the number to 660, which is more than the current ship, within this year, but this should be hurried, but securing expertise is as important as the number.

Not only because they find and punish abuse, but because they have to consider what our children need in the process of separating them.

Currently, I receive one week theory and one week practical training, but a little more systematic education is required.

[Bongju Lee/Professor, Department of Social Welfare, Seoul National University: It is important to respond appropriately to the situation, and to respond to such a situation, you must have expertise. It is necessary to significantly strengthen expertise (.)] In

order to detect child abuse as quickly as possible and protect children, an education system for enhancing expertise so that dedicated public officials, abuse prevention police officers, and private specialized agencies can respond well together like a gear Deployment and staffing must begin quickly.

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