Microsoft is working on a fix for controllers for the new Xbox Series X and S, which sometimes suddenly lose connection while gaming.

The company

informs The Verge about this


"We know some players are experiencing their new Xbox wireless controller losing connectivity. Our teams are working on a fix for a future update," said a Microsoft spokesperson.

The complaints are about the new Xbox Series X and S controllers, which have been available since November.

The controllers are included with the purchase of the consoles, but can also be purchased separately.

More than seventeen hundred complaints on the forum

It is unclear how many people are affected by the problem.

A topic has been opened on a Microsoft complaint forum that now has more than 40 pages.

In it, people complain about controllers that suddenly lose connection while gaming.

More than seventeen hundred users indicated on the forum that they experienced problems.

That would especially happen while playing certain games, such as

Assassin's Creed Valhalla


Microsoft recommends that people experiencing problems keep their software up to date.

If it is not solved by then, we have to wait for the future update that should fix the problem permanently.