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14.5 billion won in cash stored at a foreigner-only casino in Jeju has disappeared and the police are investigating. An employee of foreign nationality, who used to manage cash, has not been present to work after taking vacation at the end of the year, so this employee is believed to be a strong suspect.

This is JIBS reporter Seokchang Kang.

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is a landing casino located at Jeju Shinhwa World Resort.

It is the second largest foreign casino in Korea and opened in March 2018.

The cash that was stored at this casino was 14.5 billion won and disappeared during the holiday season.

[Shinhwa World official: We recognized it on the 4th, reported it to the Seogwipo police station on the 5th, and said it should be done, so we announced it on the stock market (Hong Kong)... .]

Mr. A, a Southeast Asian employee who has been managing the safe, has not come to work after taking vacation at the end of last year.

Accordingly, the Seogwipo Police Department sees Mr. A as a probable suspect in the case and is investigating and securing CCTV in the landing casino.

Jeju Shinhwa World said that the lost cash was not the funds for Shinhwa World or the landing casino operation, but for the parent company, Hong Kong Landing International.

As the parent company's funds of 14.5 billion won, which were stored in casinos, are disappearing in a situation where management is suffering from the aftermath of Corona 19, it is expected to have a significant impact on the operation of Shinhwa World Resort.