We heard what kind of wishes our neighbors have for the New Year 2021.

There were many people who wanted to be safer at work, on the road, and in everyday life.

Reporter Min Kyung-ho delivers.


[Kim Min-jin/故 Yoon Chang-ho's friend: I hope that drunk driving will disappear.]

You should be careful with the driver yourself, but there is something I want to ask around.

[Kim Min-jin/故 Yoon Chang-ho's friend: If there was no injuries or death to people due to many reports and drying...


--- The

military helicopter fired during the May 18 Gwangju Democratization Movement, the court recognized it as true after 40 years, but Chun Doo-hwan has not yet apologized.

That is why the citizens of Gwangju are waiting for Jun's honest answer again this year.

[Jin-Tae Cho, Executive Director of the 5 18th Memorial Foundation: To ask for forgiveness and to confess.]


A year ago, the promise I made with my son while committing to the labor movement,

[Missook Kim/CEO Kim Yong-gyun Foundation (December 2019 Month 30): The severe disaster corporate punishment law continues.

Until that happens, we will push forward…


Kim Yong-gyun's mother is hoping that this year they will be able to keep it.

[Kim Mi-sook/Kim Yong-gyun Foundation Representative: If the workers do not die anymore, do not get hurt and work safely...



'World Cup Dungeons' who were born when the country was shaken by the 2002 World Cup semifinals will be of adulthood this year.

The wishes of those who went through a difficult exam life in the corona last year are simple.

[Minsik Choi/Uijeongbu City, Gyeonggi: If you can easily eat dinner with friends...


[Habin Lee/Gangnam-gu, Seoul: Take a boat to Disneyland or the Eiffel Tower…


And it was everyday.

[Kim Seong-hyun/Hanam-si, Gyeonggi: walking around the street without a mask]

(Video editing: Yoo Mira, VJ: Lee Jun-young)