Anyone who purchases a new Tesla on Wednesday or Thursday before midnight will receive the so-called fully self-driving option for free.

CEO Elon Musk promises that in a message on Twitter on Wednesday.

The option normally costs 7,500 euros.

However, there is a catch.

For example, you can use the fully self-driving controls for free for a maximum of three months.

According to Tesla, this allows the car to automatically enter and exit the highway, automatically switch lanes and drive ahead.

Recently implemented improvements to the Tesla Model 3 should also convince consumers.

In addition to interior and exterior changes, the battery pack has also been improved for better performance in cold weather.

Tesla is keen to get as many cars as possible on license plates in the current quarter, as it has set itself the goal of selling half a million units this year.

Tesla delivered a total of 318,350 new vehicles through September, which means it will have to ship 181,650 cars in the last quarter of this year to meet the target number.

The third quarter was a record quarter for the brand with 139,300 new units.

In the Netherlands, the Tesla Model 3 is on track to finish behind the Volkswagen ID.3 as the most registered car in December.

In all probability, the Tesla should leave the title of best-selling car of the year to the Kia Niro.