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The WhatsApp messaging app has had a web version for a while now, making it easy for its users to communicate through a web browser.

Unfortunately, they can only converse in writing.

Voice and video calls are indeed not available, but this is about to change.

WhatsApp is indeed testing the integration of these new features in its web version, as revealed by WABetaInfo.

The tests would have started a while ago.

Clues concerning these new features had indeed already been spotted last October.

Yet two months later, voice and video calling has yet to make an appearance on the web version of WhatsApp.

It seems all the same that they are about to be integrated into the platform.

A long wait

The coronavirus pandemic has certainly pushed Facebook to speed up the implementation of these new features.

Containment has indeed boosted the popularity of videoconferencing applications and software, in order to keep in touch with loved ones.

Some have surely used the mobile version of WhatsApp to chat and see virtually.

The fact that WhatsApp Web is finally getting into voice and video calling is obviously a good thing, but it's surprisingly late enough all the same.

However, even if the health crisis improves - which it does not - voice and video calls via WhatsApp Web should appeal to users.

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