There are still people who do not understand that Dani García left the Michelin 'planet' when he was awarded the third star.

"There were things that fulfilled me much more."

If something has changed his life in this last long year since he made the resounding decision, it would be summed up in one word: "peace".


Twenty-five years in haute cuisine requires a lot of effort


Last Monday he did not see the Michelin gala that was held in Madrid.

"I was attentive, yes," he has sincerely, and acknowledges that he missed "some gesture" with those who have suffered the worst in this crisis.


I expected a more generous gala in every way

, it was a special year with many people in the sector having a hard time."

The Malaga chef is not one of those who says what he wants to hear.

"You know I can't lie."

He acknowledges that his "quality of life is different. Now I have weekends", although he is very aware of what he has in hand.

"Having 600 employees is more responsibility than having three Michelin stars."

His group Dani García (with BIBO -Marbella, Madrid, Tarifa and Doha-; Lobito de Mar -Marbella and Madrid-; and Leña -Marbella and soon in Madrid) has not stopped growing;

openings have not stopped despite the pandemic.

And in 2021 it will land in Miami, New York, London.

"Already in 2022 we will be in Paris and Cannes."

This year Dani Brasserie has also opened, on the terrace of the recently opened Four Seasons in the capital, and has promoted its delivery La Gran Familia Mediterránea.

"We don't know how to be still," he jokes.


Many times business opportunities arise when you don't expect them


Something nonconformist, sly, thoughtful and perfectionist, he even chooses the 'playlists' of his restaurants.

He has come to Madrid for a couple of days to present news at Dani Brasserie, where the snack bar -and the mixed sandwich that he likes so much- will also have its leading role.

And to enjoy the Christmas spirit of the city, time of year that you love.

"I'm still very young at that.

I've always said that the creative process doesn't exist without that capacity for surprise


Are you more into cava or champagne? Champagne.

I don't drink a lot of alcohol.

Losing control doesn't appeal to me.

He likes to set up the tree as a family and have the theme 'Last Christmas' from Wham!

"Maybe the only thing that I don't have a list on Spotify is traditional Christmas carols



he excuses himself with a laugh.

On the 24th he cooks at home.

"I do not complicate much. I shoot at the product. I am very old eels, a good ham, seafood ... And then something to grill, that allows me to be at the table and not pending the kitchen. I will probably make a suckling lamb ".

What was the most special Christmas you remember? Last year, in London.

It was the first time in 18 years that I did not work on Christmas week.

Also three ago, when I went to Finland a few days after the holidays.

I love the cabin and snow roll.

The stage in haute cuisine was intense, perhaps too intense.

He got the first Michelin star when he was 22 years old, when being a chef was not so fashionable and focusing your life on the stove was not the most desired option at home.

The failures have helped him grow and he values ​​them as an opportunity to learn.

-What do you ask of 2021?


Asking for something else would seem pretentious to me.

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