You may remember a 10-year-old girl who escaped through the veranda after being abused at home in May.

In connection with this Changnyeong child abuse case, today (18th), a stepfather who was the perpetrator was sentenced to six years in prison and his mother three years in prison.

Child protection organizations protested that cotton bats were punishment.

This is KNN reporter Hansol Choi.


A mother, A, in a child abuse case in Changnyeong, who cruelly abused her 10-year-old daughter, enters court wearing a hat.

First, he attended the first trial with the arrested stepfather.

[Do you admit the charges?] The

judge sentenced the stepfather to six years in prison and the mother to three years in prison.

He revealed the reason for the sentence, saying that both habitual and cruel abuse, such as supporting the body of a daughter with a heated frying pan, are acknowledged.

However, the result of this sentence is lower than the prosecution's sentence proposed for reasons such as the brutality of the case.

This is much lower than the 7-year imprisonment that the prosecution originally sought, but it was commuted as the mental and physical weakness was recognized.

I was diagnosed with schizophrenia, but it was taken into account that I did not take any medicine after pregnancy last year.

Child protection organizations and others have protested.

It means that the physical and mental afflictions are not correct, saying that the mother directly sued about 20 netizens who posted their names on social media and even urged settlement funds.

[Gong Hye-jung/CEO of the Korea Child Abuse Prevention Association: This woman (mother) sued the netizens who posted her article and asked to reach an agreement of 2 million won per person in this case. What kind of reflexive attitude is this and what mental and physical weakness is this.]

Amid controversy over the punishment of cotton bats, the victim was adopted as a foster home in Changwon.

(Video coverage: Jung Chang-wook KNN, Video editing: Kang Jin-woo KNN)