The Disciplinary Committee of the Ministry of Justice has decided on a two-month suspension of disciplinary action against Prosecutor General Yoon Seok-yeol.

It said four out of six disciplinary charges were admitted.

After an overnight debate, the suspension of President Yoon was submitted to Justice Minister Choo Mi-ae and finally took effect when President Moon Jae-in came home.

The first news, reporter Lee Hyun-jung will report.

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Prosecutor and Disciplinary Committee of the Ministry of Justice finalized a two-month suspension of the Prosecutor General Yoon Seok-yeol.

The deliberation started yesterday (15th) morning and it's been 17 and a half hours.

Deputy Chairman of the Disciplinary Committee Jeong Han-jung explained that it took a long time to debate for a long time because opinions were divided among the committee members.

[In / Justice Inspection disciplinary Chairman Acting established: As you know, there was several opinions (discussed) until a majority has set the most favorable lift the moment the respondent that the majority]

jinggyewi the court which was the most issues temple He said he admitted four out of six disciplinary charges, including suspicion and interfering with the investigation and investigation of the Channel A case.

Deputy Minister of Justice Lee Yong-gu, an ex officio disciplinary commissioner, also said, "I did my best," leaving the building after the resolution.

The two-month suspension of President Yoon's suspension will

finally take effect

through the request of Justice Minister Chu Mi-ae and President Moon Jae-in's approval


If the disciplinary action is confirmed, Yun will be suspended from his duties for two months and will not receive compensation.

Previously, President Yoon requested an additional deliberation date to secure the right to defend, but when it was not accepted, he revolted and left without making a final statement.