Even these days, when there are more than 1,000 new confirmed cases a day, there are still people who are wearing masks.

When the owner of a convenience store pointed out to the customer to wear a chin-only mask, the party swears and even assaulted.

Reporter Jo Yoon-ha reports.


A man walks into a convenience store with a mask on his chin.

A man waving his hand like a joke when the owner of a convenience store asks, "Please use a mask properly."

When the owner warns, "If you put a mask on your chin, you can't be in the store," you go outside.

However, the men's party begins to protest against the owner.

[Convenience store owner: When you come to the counter and pay, you swear to me.

'What are you doing? Don't wear a (mask) to an adult without a wrap.'] When the

owner protests to go out, he suddenly hits the owner's head with his hand and eventually knocks it down.

A man slaps his cheek and arm with his fist when the owner reports to the police.

The riots lasted for about 20 minutes, and the inside of the convenience store became a mess.

The owner said that he was injured for two weeks in front of his neck and arm, but above all, he suffered severe mental pain.

[Convenience store owner: I am scared.

It's scary to treat people.

The mental damage suffered by some customers is the greatest than the decline in sales.

That's the hardest.]

Gyeonggi Province issued an'administrative order to wear masks' starting in mid-August, requiring both residents and visitors to wear masks, but masks are still not worn.

The police are planning to call the offender to investigate.