Yesterday (3rd) at a test center in Seoul where the college entrance exam was taken, when two minutes of exam time were left, the bell rang incorrectly.

Although the supervisor picked up the test paper and returned it soon after, the confused examinee burst into tears.

There is also a controversy over the issue of Korean history.

Reporter Lee Hyun-jung reports.


A high school in Gangseo-gu, Seoul where 680 students took the SAT.

A bell to announce the end of the test suddenly rang around the end of the second of the 4th class exam time, which covers a total of three subjects, including Korean history and inquiry.

There were some candidates who couldn't fill out the answer sheet, but the supervisor picked up the test paper, and after a while there was an announcement saying "I will give you two more minutes of test time because I walked the test paper early due to an error."

[Candidates: I couldn't check the OMR (answer sheet), but when I took the test sheet, people were embarrassed, so tears come out.

It takes another time to pick up the appraisal.] The

education authorities have given more test time as much as the lost time, so it is difficult to take further action.

[Seoul Office of Education Officials: (Information on exam time) It seems that the person in charge of the broadcast caused an error.

The situation is over.

The school will take such measures to be careful not to do that in the future.] The

Korea Institute for Curriculum and Evaluation has hit the bell incorrectly on the previous SAT, but the starting or ending bell that directly affects the test time Explained that this is the first time.

Candidates are even reviewing lawsuits for damages against other person in charge and authorities.

In the area of ​​Korean history, the issue of 3 points with high points was too easy to be controversial.

Some of the speeches of former President Roh Tae-woo were presented and asked to select a policy promoted by the government that gave the speech, but it was pointed out that the rest are examples that have nothing to do with modern history, so there is no discrimination.

(Video editing: Park Seon, VJ: Noh Jaemin)