Netizens laugh at the story of an American woman discovering the birth certificate of her'hidden brother' at her parents' house.

On the 3rd in local time, foreign media such as the British media mirror said that a woman named Christine found the birth certificate of her younger brother, asked her mother, and received an unexpected answer.

In a file that Christine found on the shelf in her mother's room, there was a birth certificate for a boy named'Cloud Fabian'.

Even the soles and finger prints were stamped.

Christine was shocked to learn that her mother cheated on herself and her family.

But the answer that came back was even more shocking.

'Cloud Fabian' is a younger brother, but he is not a person.

It turned out that the owner of this birth certificate was the'cabbage toy doll', which was popular in the 90s.

When asked, "Why are you keeping this together with the birth certificates of our three sisters?", Mom said, "At that time, if I bought a doll, I sent the birth certificate and adoption documents together." I thought,” he replied.

At the same time, Christine's mother brought a doll from the warehouse and showed it to her daughter. The doll was wearing a mask with a surgical suit marked'Babyland General Hospital'.

My mom added that my dad was a doctor, but when I saw a doll dressed like this, I thought it was cute, so I bought it.

This story became known when Christine's younger brother Chloe revealed it on Twitter.

Mr. Chloe explained, "At the time, my older sister, who misunderstood and was angry with her mother, was like 15 years old."

“After this, my eldest sister Christine gave birth to her first child, and the youngest sister made and presented baby clothes that read'Cloud Fabian is my uncle', and the whole family turned upside down,” he said later.

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(Photo ='chloeevansj' Twitter)