The number of fully electric cars in the Netherlands has more than doubled in the past year to 153,312 units, BOVAG and data provider RDC reported Thursday.

The most common model in our country is the Tesla Model 3, of which 34,420 are on the road.

Second place is for the Tesla Model S, which had a very good year in 2018 and of which 12,764 are now on the road.

The Nissan Leaf completes the top three with 10,494.

The Nissan owes its high rating mainly to the fact that the car was already on the market in 2011.

The highest new arrival is the Volkswagen ID.3, of which 4,884 have been brought to our country in recent weeks.

The MG ZS EV, which has only been available since December 2019, has now been registered 2,993 times.

Based on the number of registrations up to and including November, the Kia Niro is this year's best-selling electric car with 5,802 units, followed by the ID.3 and the Tesla Model 3 (4,431 units) in second and third place.