Government officials of the Ministry of Industry, who are accused of deleting materials related to the Wolseong Nuclear Power Plant Unit 1 prior to the audit by the auditor, have undergone a warrant review in the court today (4th).

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Reporter Lee Hyun-young, when will the warrant screening result be released first?


Yes, from 2:30 this afternoon, the warrant screening by Oh Se-yong, Deputy Chief of Warrants, has been ongoing for six hours.

The interrogation of the suspects ended at around 7:10 pm, and it is said that the investigation records are being reviewed.

The result is expected to come out late tonight. Are receiving.

If the warrant is issued, it is expected that the investigation into the upper line, including former Minister of Trade, Industry and Energy Paik Woon-gyu, and Chae Hee-bong, president of Gas Corporation, who was then the Blue House industrial policy secretary, will be given momentum.

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results of the warrant screening may have an effect on the Disciplinary Committee of President Yoon Suk-yeol, which will be held next week.


Yes, it was later known that Prosecutor General Yoon Seok-yeol was informed of the warrant request policy and gave a supplementary order before he was removed from his job.

So, suspicions arose as to whether Minister Chu's action was a means to pressurize President Yoon, who is leading the nuclear investigation.

Eventually, President Yoon gave an order one day after returning to work and requested a warrant from the Daejeon District Prosecutors' Office.

If an arrest warrant is issued, the prosecution is expected to have some reason for the investigation.

On the contrary, if the warrant is dismissed, it seems inevitable that the political prosecution has criticized the passport for undertaking an unreasonable investigation aimed at the government, as well as a blow to the investigation.

It is analyzed that this will negatively affect the Yun's disciplinary committee, which will be held on the 10th.

(Video coverage: Kim Gyeong-han, TJB, video editing: So Ji-hye, on-site: Kim Se-kyung)