While the number of corona19 confirmed patients in Seoul is breaking the record every day, the city of Seoul has issued a'emergency prescription' saying that it is a "crisis of despair."

Seoul Mayor Seo Jeong-hyup held an on-line emergency briefing for Corona 19 on the 4th, saying, "We will stop Seoul after 9pm," and announced more strengthened quarantine measures than the current stage 2.

He emphasized, "It is a preemptive emergency measure to suspend movement and activities except for the minimum economic and social activities necessary for living."

The urgent measures announced by the city are the closing of stores, movie theaters, PC cafes, game rooms, reading rooms, study cafes, amusement parks, beauty and beauty businesses, marts, department stores, and public facilities after 9 pm for two weeks from the 5th to the 18th. This includes a total suspension of operations and a 30% reduction in public transportation such as buses and subways after 9pm.

'Shops', which fall under this measure, refer to stores with a size of over 300m2 regardless of business type.

The city said, "Small convenience stores of less than 300m2 and packaging and delivery of restaurants are permitted so that essential necessities can be purchased."

However, when the Seoul Metropolitan Government's countermeasures were announced, skepticism about the effects came out.

In the real-time comment window of the YouTube channel where the Seoul briefing was broadcast live, "Stage 2.99?", "Why can't I talk about it because it's step 3?", "Can't I get coronavirus before 9 pm?", "Health, PC room In the past, negative reactions such as "you can go" have decreased.

In fact, the rush hour, where the most people gather, is unlikely to change significantly.

The city said that the city hall, ward offices, and affiliated offices would implement the'half-home work' and'differential commuting system' starting next week, but it was only recommended to participate in the private sector.

The ban on gatherings in religious facilities was to the extent that they were "quickly requested" to switch to online worship services.

In the meantime,'container beds' appeared in Seoul.

Seo said, "We will install temporary beds using containers in idle spaces in municipal hospitals."

A total of 150 container beds are installed in three places, including the Seoul Medical Center and Seobuk Hospital.

He confessed, "We are expanding hospital beds from various angles, but if the current trend continues, a shortage of beds is inevitable."

The goal of these measures that the city of Seoul has put forward is to'reduce the daily average number of confirmed cases within two weeks to less than 100'.

(Photo = Courtesy of Seoul City, Yonhap News)