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this moment, the Seoul Metropolitan Government announced today (4th) that it will stop Seoul after 9 PM.

For two weeks from tomorrow, after 9pm, not only restaurants, but also convenience facilities such as marts and PC rooms will be closed.

I will talk more about this with the reporter on the field.

Reporter Yoo Su-hwan, the streets on Friday night look pretty busy, but please sort out what will change from tomorrow.


Yes, I am now on Hongdae Street in Seoul.

It's Friday night, but the streets are busier than usual and the shops that are already closed are quite noticeable.

Even with the quarantine measures beyond the second stage of distancing the metropolitan area, the Seoul Metropolitan Government made a super-precipitation when the spread was not caught.

Already, cafes and restaurants have been banned from accepting guests after 9 p.m. Several other multi-facilities have additionally banned business after 9 p.m.

[Seo Jeong-hyup/Seoul Mayor Authority: Seoul is facing a crisis of despair.

Seoul will turn off the city lights after 9 p.m., when the overall economic and social activities are finished.] The

places that are not open after 9 p.m. from tomorrow are movie theaters, amusement parks, department stores, large marts, PC cafes, game rooms, and beauty salons. These are the facilities.

Public cultural facilities operated by the city are also closed.

The reduction of public transportation operations has also been expanded to reduce the time of the last train by an hour earlier than the present, and reduce buses and subways by 30% from 9 p.m.


Also, from tomorrow, the academy and the reading room, where many students attend, have to close after 9pm, right?


Yes, after the SAT, we plan to block students from gathering as much as possible as we approach college final exams, such as essay writing and interviews.

Not only reading rooms and study cafes, but also 25,000 places such as entrance examination academies cannot be operated beyond 9 pm from tomorrow.

In the meantime, all middle and high school classes in Seoul will be converted to distance classes for two weeks starting next Monday.

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