As previously mentioned, as the number of corona19 confirmed in Seoul increased significantly, the city of Seoul decided to provide temporary container beds.

Hospitals that treat homeless people are also changing to corona-dedicated hospitals, and as a result, there is a medical gap related to the homeless, the vulnerable class on the street.

This is Jung Joon-ho.


A homeless man who underwent hip surgery had to leave the hospital on the 24th of last month while undergoing rehabilitation treatment.

The hospital, which is a treatment facility for the homeless, was designated as a corona-dedicated hospital, and all patients except severely ill were discharged.

[Homeless Mr. A: I gave you a prescription to take the medicine for several months.

Since the hospital is changed to a designated hospital...


In private hospitals, treatment is almost always done at your own expense


However, after the coronavirus outbreak, five hospitals in turn changed to dedicated coronavirus hospitals.

Then, when the bed utilization rate reached 80% recently, the last remaining Seoul Metropolitan Eastern Hospital was converted into a dedicated hospital.

The city of Seoul explains that outpatient care for the homeless is still possible and some hospital beds are operated, so there is no level of concern.

[Seoul City official: We will consider reopening some of the areas where only these people (homeless people) can be hospitalized after a certain level of stability.]

However, homeless support groups claim that the long-term coronavirus will lead to a wider medical gap.

[Lee Dong-Hyun/Homeless activist: When it comes to whether hospitalization is actually possible, you have to consider all of these things, such as the condition of the hospital bed, the medical staff's capacity, and so on.] The

homeless group demands that the treatment benefits be extended to private hospitals, but the health authorities It is difficult to force it and expresses difficulty.

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