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number of new corona19 confirmed cases was added yesterday (3rd) by 540 a day.

On the second day, the number of patients with perjury and severe illness increased to 16 in one day, and it took an emergency to secure beds.

This is Park Chan-beom.


Out of the 540 new confirmed cases, 516 were domestic cases minus 24 cases from overseas.

The number of confirmed cases in Korea by region was 260 in Seoul and 137 in Gyeonggi-do, accounting for 80%, and in non-metropolitan areas, 15 in Busan and 13 in Chungnam, etc.

The average number of confirmed cases in Korea per day for the last week is 466, which still falls within the 2.5-stage standard.

The number of deaths increased by 3 yesterday, and 529 have died while undergoing COVID-19 treatment so far.

The number of seriously ill patients increased by 16 in one day to 117, and it took an emergency to secure a dedicated treatment bed.

Only 46 of the 174 beds for the treatment of severely ill patients with COVID-19 remain.

In particular, there are no remaining beds in Busan, Gyeongnam, Chungbuk, and Chungnam, but if a serious patient occurs, the bed must be sent to another city with the remaining beds.

[Dao-Tae Kang/Second Vice Minister of the Ministry of Health and Welfare: Group infections in daily life are continuing, centering on people in their 50s or younger who have a lot of activity, and the number of confirmed patients with unknown infection routes and patients with stomach or severe illness is increasing, making the situation difficult .]

The quarantine authorities urged them to refrain from going out and gatherings until the apparent effect was evident, although the movement of citizens decreased after strengthening their distance.