On the 3rd, the new Vice Minister of Justice Lee Yong-gu emphasized that "I promise to work only in accordance with due process and legal principles."

At the start of his tenure today, Vice Minister Lee issued a statement and said, "All reforms are accompanied by great pain, but this time we are well aware that the people's worries are great." "With the Minister of Justice, I will wisely overcome this hurdle and complete the reform task. "I said.

He said, "There are several important issues now. However, it was pointed out that the most basic procedural definition was not observed," he said. "It is the principle of the Constitution that all actions of the state must follow the principle of due process and the basic principle for protecting the basic rights of the people. "I emphasized.

Deputy Minister Lee said, "We will take a fresh look at the judge's experience and process our work in a fair, transparent, neutral, and in accordance with the common sense of the people."

Earlier, Vice Minister Lee went to work at the Gwacheon government office at around 9:30 am and said, "There is an opinion that the disciplinary committee does not meet the record of defending former Minister Baek Un-gyu." I answered.

He said, "I don't think it's polite to the prosecutors on the investigation team who are working hard at the Daejeon District Prosecutors’ Office. I think it has nothing to do with it."

When asked if they had received the schedule or data related to the disciplinary committee, they said, "I'm going into a blank paper. I only know that I'm going to open the (disciplinary committee) on the 4th." Replied shortly.

Deputy Minister Lee, who had served as the Chief Justice of the Ministry of Justice until April, replied, "I think it's better," to the question,'I came to the Ministry of Justice after a long time, and how do you feel?' and then stepped into the building.

(Photo = Yonhap News)