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official from the Democratic Party's representative Lee Nak-yeon, who was investigated by the prosecution for suspicion that he was offered money from Optimus, was found dead last night (3rd). Yesterday, the prosecution seems to have made an extreme choice after going out to eat dinner, but the police are investigating the exact cause of death.

Reporter Bae Jun-woo reports.


Last night, at around 9:15, Lee Nak-yeon, deputy head of the Democratic Party's representative office, was found dead in a building near the Seoul Central District Court in Seocho-gu, Seoul.

Mr. Lee is an aide to Lee Nak-yeon, who served as a political affairs advisor when he was the governor of Jeonnam Province.

Before and after the general elections in April, Seoul's election committee accused Lee of violating the Political Fund Act in connection with the allegations that Lee Nak-yeon had received support from Optimus for multi-function rentals.

The Seoul Central District Prosecutor's Office, the Economic Crimes and Criminals Department, called Mr. Lee as a suspect yesterday, and it is known that Mr. Lee disappeared during the prosecution's investigation.

The Seoul Central District Prosecutor's Office said, "Mr. Lee was present at the prosecutor's office yesterday and was investigated by 6:30 p.m. with a lawyer present, and after dinner outside and decided to do the investigation again, the whereabouts were not confirmed." .

It is known that the police found Lee by tracking the location of his mobile phone after receiving a report of the missing person.

The police are searching the accident site and investigating the exact cause of death against people around them.