Hanyang University professor Min Chan-hong, chairman of the 2021 University Academic Ability Test, said today (3rd), regarding the 2021 University Academic Ability Test (SAT), "We tried to maintain the same standard as the previous year based on the high school curriculum." It.

Chairman Min said at a briefing on the direction of the SAT exam at the Government Complex Sejong today, "To measure the ability learned through school education, we set up a problem in accordance with the content and level of the high school curriculum." To help normalize the company.”

Today's SAT started at 8:40 am in 86 test districts nationwide.

There was a concern that the middle rank would collapse due to Corona 19 and the academic gap between enrolled students and graduates would appear, but Chairman Min said, "Through the analysis of mock exams in June and September, the academic gap between graduates and enrolled students, and the distribution of grades among enrolled students, unlike previous years, are unique. Was not found."

Still, he added, "But I have to say that I was very careful that it would become more difficult," he added.

(Photo = Yonhap News)